cynthia schwertsik
when you start working, everybody is in your studio - the past, your friends, enemies, the art world, and above all, your own ideas - all are there. but as you continue painting, they start leaving, one by one, and you are left completely alone. then, if you´re lucky, even you leave.
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cynthia schwertsik
Painting, Performance & Installation. Living and working with RED WHITE (Australia), Sculpteur & ARThandler & 2 children: MAX 1990 & CASPAR QUINT 2003.

Childhood in Vienna, USA, London, Paris Sweden,
Education, Painting & Textile design in Salzburg, Graz & Vienna
Vienna University – Egyptology
Dance in Graz & Vienna, working as a dancer and setdesigner, since 1992 creating performances und installations, projects in public space and participation-projects since 2004 focusing on Painting

2010      “KULTURa“ installation & performance, Gallery Kon-temporaer, Graz, by Veronika Dreier
          “Legends of Culture“ Photography, Right on the Rim, Project Saloon, Johannesburg, 30 January - 25 February 2010
           Chateau des Reaux sur Loire – Paintings, Exhibition
          „PROJEKTIONEN 2010, ein Wunsch kommt selten allein“, by Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten, Sala Terrena,                        Heiligenkreuzerhof, Wien

2009/2010  2 months - ARTIST IN RESIDENCE, Johannesburg, South Africa

2009       „Portrait“ – Painting, in G.A.S.-Station, Berlin
           „Ganz, ganz nahe“ – Painting, MASC-Foundation, Wien
           „Coffe Space“ Installation & Painting with Issa Touma, monY khourY im Basement, Wien, & Womansart - festival,              Aleppo, Syrien
           Participation in “POP UP”, London
           „LAST NAME“ Photography & Text at unORTnung“, 10, Galerie Denkraum & ega –Vienna

           1 Month Residency Burgundy, Chateau Monthelon

2008       “ViennArt 2008 “ eop,  Paintings, MUSA, Wien
           „DIE LAGEBESPRECHUNG“ Paintings at esc, Graz
           „TRIBUTE TO TRIXI“ Paintings, Ragnerhof, Wien
2006/2007   Residency Adelaide,Australien, 12 Weeks

2006        Ex Sampling photography „blank“ im Künstlerhaus
            SUNDAY DRIVERS, sound - installation with Red White, at:„Spurwechsel“, Technisches Museum Wien
            DISPLAY 2006 – “displaced” Ausstellungsreihe  von PIPELINE, Wien, Installation – tared & fetherd
            DAMENWAHL, Iron out: Installation & Malerei, Schloß Wolfsberg & Bad Radkersburg
2005        „Eltern haften für ihre Kinder“ Painting & Drawings, Kramsach, Tirol
           "a room of my own" – art on the tracks of BIEDERMEIER, by M.Huxter, Installation - Hofmobiliendepot, Wien
           „imitating the monumental“ Festival:„Process Space“ Bulgaria Show: Balcik, Rousse & Sofia, Galerie Stock, Wien

2004        Theatre-project, with Musician - Joao de Bruco (Brasil) & Red White - sculpture, at Traiskirchen with youth               asylant seekers. shows: Schauspielhaus Wien & austria - tournee.
            „on the road, still“ – ASPHALT - International Symposion, Drosendorf, Radiofeature in ORF Diagonal & Katalog
            FASHION & ART, London, with Boutique gegenalltag
            Paintings Gallery „A41“, Vienna

2002/2004    Installation „tared & fetherd“ for the Musicfestival „UNLIMITED XVI“, Wels,  Schlachthof, Galerie                         „Pendel“, Waidhofen/Ybbs,  & in MASC foundation
2002        "take off", movement & photo - Installation, with Maren Theel, Berlin, festival "UTISAK-OTISAK" by Ivan Mesek,             Varazdin, Kroatia & Galerie im Pfalzhaus, Deutschland
2000        "fishing for thoughts", installation, red white & klaus filip, festival labin, kroatia (by Thomas Jelinek)
1998/99     1 year artist in residence, at Cirque (ueli hirzl), Chateau de Monthelon, Burgundy, France

1999         installation & movement "maison de vente" avec jeanne laurent, paris / monthelon
1998         "99% Recycled Internet", projekt mit david guez, paris
             "mr. & mrs red white - sack & pack", photoinstallation,: mobile architectur, messing network, depot, wien

1997         outdoor installation & indoor action, curated by "trans wien., café carina, wien
            „das letzte Hemd“ Fahnenfestival, Krems

1996         participation in the "Phönix" network, festival Trans Europ Halles & "Labyrinth", kopenhagen
1996         Design for computer-LCD-server station, Ars Elektronica Center, Linz with Armin Lixl

1995         Installation: c7, Secession, Wien, Staatsoper, (Katalog)
1994         Painting & Multimediashow, Gallerie WIST, Graz
1993         Painting, Gallerie BabyK,  frankfurt

WITH WASH painting in public - monochrom white
Right on Rim – Gallery, Johannesburg Museum der Unerhoerten Dinge, Berlin, Rencontres de Monthelon, Burgund, Festival “luaga&losna”, Feldkirch, SCHAURAUM, Wien, Theaterfestival Bielefeld, im Rahmen von ARTMART, Künstlerhaus Wien und Festivals: POOL-bar, Feldkirch sowie im nutzraum, Hernals 
2006/2008          „WISSEN SCHAFFT FRAGEN“ communication-project - 24 Dialogs between scientists & artists, in cooperation with science-reporter Sonja Bettel - Ö1, Christiane Spatt, Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten. Projectpresentation 29.5.2008 in MUSA, Museum auf Abruf, Vienna, 19. – 25.10.2007 in Library of Vienna University, Teinfaltgasse 8, in the frameprogram of “Österreich liest“ & in Projectspace 23.3.2006, Kunsthallewien

2004/2007 “SALON BEAUTY FREE” with Mara Mattuschka & Elizabeth Mcglynn, Salon, guests in the Studio & Video

2000/2003 “BIG BABY” performance on tour with the: Sculpture animee,

 since 2000 cooperation with KONNEXWIEN – Dance for kids, Set design & requisite.

2000         founding „KLEYLEHOF“,& Expermental space in Burgenland
 Events: ON BORDER NO BORDER together with Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf  & 4jahre kleylehof – mit GELATINE as guests 

“plan b” founded in 2000
Elke Krasny, theory & curator of international exhibitions in context of architecture &
urban enviroment  & Cynthia Schwertsik – LAST NAME & 10 more projects in public &
social space, in Various settings & festivals (SoHo – Ottakring, Vienna)

1995-98          multimediaperformance: "ZENTRIFUGE",with Jasmin Ladenhaufen, Klaus Filip, Michi Ferdiny, Red White, at knittingfactory N.Y.C., wien, kopenhagen, graz, st.petersburg, zürich

1992-97         "BIG WASCHING", Project in public space: Vienna, Frankfurt Hungarya, France

1987-99         Dance & theatere, - actrice & set designer for : BILDERWERFER, TANZ*HOTEL, Bettina Nisoli, Barbara Kraus, Hans-Peter Bergman

some artworks in possession of
Land Burgenland
    trimedia, Wien
    Institut für Tropenmedizin Stemberger, Wien
    Minoriten , Graz
private collections