cynthia schwertsik
when you start working, everybody is in your studio
- the past, your friends, enemies, the art world,
 and above all, your own ideas
- all are there. but as you continue painting,
they start leaving, one by one, and you are left completely alone.
then, if you´re lucky, even you leave.

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cynthia schwertsik
Painting, Performance & Installation.
Living and working with RED WHITE (Australia), Sculpteur
& 2 children: MAX 1990 & CASPAR QUINT 2003.

Childhood in Vienna, USA, London, Paris Sweden,
Education, Painting & Textile design in Salzburg, Graz & Vienna
Vienna University – Egyptology / Art History
Dance in Graz & Vienna, working as a dancer and setdesigner, since 1992 creating performances und installations, projects in public space and communial participation.

2013   December, Artist in Residence, Cleland Wildlife Park, Mount Lofty, South Australia
       "Ich brauch Tapetenwechsel" Exhibition & Event with Michael Endlicher, at MUSA, Vienna Art Week
       Kunsthalle Exnergasse ,Photography & Performance, Vienna

2011   KULTURa  Exhibition through Styria & Slowena, Photography & Performance, curated by Veronika Dreier
       AIR – Hotel PUPIK – Artist in  Reseidence, Schrattenberg, Styria
       Shared Space – Steet / Pavement painting. Festival: Lendwirbel, with Architects: PENTAPLAN, ,Graz
       Gruene Galerie, Vienna – Presents Cynthia Schwertsik
       Big Project. , curated by I. Czerwenka-Wenkstetten, Sala Terrena, Heiligenkreuzerhof - Academy of Arts, Vienna
       Orient / Okzident Exhibition / Competition Rosenheimstiftung, Offenbach

2010    "HALLO irrgast" art goes science III, Uni –BOKU, UNI - Wien, Exhibition & Symposion curated by Gertrude Moser-Wagner
CHARTA INCOGNITA, gezinkte karten with Michael Endlicher, Festival: unORTnung“, Vienna
        “KULTURa“ installation & performance, Gallery Kon-temporaer, Graz, by Veronika Dreier

        “Legends of Culture“ Photography, Right on the Rim, Project Saloon, Johannesburg, 30 January - 25 February 2010
         Chateau des Reaux sur Loire – Paintings, Exhibition
        „PROJEKTIONEN 2010, ein Wunsch kommt selten allein“, by Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten, Sala Terrena, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Wie 2009/2010  2 months - ARTIST IN RESIDENCE, Johannesburg, South Africa
2009    „Portrait“ – Painting, in G.A.S.-Station, Berlin
         „Ganz, ganz nahe“ – Painting, MASC-Foundation, Wien
         „Coffe Space“ Installation & Painting with Issa Touma, monY khourY im Basement, Wien, & Womansart - festival, Aleppo, Syria
         Participation in “POP UP”, London - Paintings
         „LAST NAME“ Photography & Text at unORTnung“, 10, Galerie Denkraum & ega –Vienna
          1 Month Residency Burgundy, Chateau Monthelon
2008     “ViennArt 2008 “ eop,  Paintings, MUSA, Wien
         „DIE LAGEBESPRECHUNG“ Paintings at esc, Graz
         „TRIBUTE TO TRIXI“ Paintings, Ragnerhof, Wien
2006/07   12 Weeks Working Grant
, traveling in Australia and reserching.
2006      Ex Sampling photography „blank“ im Künstlerhaus
          SUNDAY DRIVERS, sound - installation with Red White, at:„Spurwechsel“, Technisches Museum Wien
          DISPLAY 2006 – “displaced” Ausstellungsreihe  von PIPELINE, Wien, Installation – tared & fetherd
          DAMENWAHL, Iron out: Installation & Malerei, Schloß Wolfsberg & Bad Radkersburg
2005     „Eltern haften für ihre Kinder“ Painting & Drawings, Kramsach, Tirol
         "a room of my own" – art on the tracks of BIEDERMEIER, by M.Huxter, Installation - Hofmobiliendepot, Wien
         „imitating the monumental“ Festival:„Process Space“ Bulgaria Show: Balcik, Rousse & Sofia, Gallery Stock, Wien
2004     Theatre-project, with Musician - Joao de Bruco (Brasil) & Red White - sculpture, at Traiskirchen with youth asylant seekers. shows: Schauspielhaus Wien & austria - tournee.
         „on the road, still“ about ASPHALT - International Symposion, Drosendorf, Radiofeature in ORF Diagonal & Katalog
         FASHION & ART, London, with Boutique gegenalltag
         Paintings Gallery „A41“, Vienna
2002/04    Installation „tared & featherd“ for the Musicfestival „UNLIMITED XVI“, Wels, Schlachthof, Galerie Pendel, Waidhofen/Ybbs,  & in MASC foundation
2002    "take off", movement & photo - Installation, with Maren Theel, Berlin, festival "UTISAK-OTISAK" by Ivan Mesek, Varazdin, Kroatia & Galerie im Pfalzhaus, Deutschland
2000    "fishing for thoughts", installation, red white & klaus filip, festival Labin, kroatia (by T.Jelinek)
1998/99  1 year artist in residence, at Cirque (ueli hirzl), Chateau de Monthelon, Burgundy, France
1999     installation & movement "maison de vente" avec jeanne laurent, paris / monthelon
1998     "99% Recycled Internet", projekt mit david guez, paris
         "mr. & mrs red white - sack & pack, photoinstallation,: mobil architecture, messing network, Depot, Wien
1997     outdoor installation & indoor action, curated by "trans wien., café carina, wien
         „das letzte Hemd“ Fahnenfestival, Krems
1996     participation in the "Phönix" network, festival Trans Europ Halles & "Labyrinth", Copenhagen
1996     Design for computer-LCD-server station, Ars Elektronica Center, Linz with Armin Lixl
1995     Installation: c7, Secession, Wien, Staatsoper, (Katalog)
1994     Painting & Multimediashow, Gallerie WIST, Graz
1993     Painting, Gallerie BabyK,  frankfurt

WITH WASH painting in public - monochrom white
Right on Rim – Gallery, Johannesburg Museum der Unerhoerten Dinge, Berlin, Rencontres de Monthelon, Burgund, Festival “luaga&losna”, Feldkirch, SCHAURAUM, Wien, Theaterfestival Bielefeld, im Rahmen von ARTMART, Künstlerhaus Wien und Festivals: POOL-bar, Feldkirch sowie im nutzraum, Hernals 
2006-08          „WISSEN SCHAFFT FRAGEN“ communication-project - 24 Dialogs between scientists & artists, in cooperation with science-reporter Sonja Bettel - Ö1, Christiane Spatt, Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten. Projectpresentation 29.5.2008 in MUSA, Museum auf Abruf, Vienna, 19. – 25.10.2007 in Library of Vienna University, Teinfaltgasse 8, in the frameprogram of “Österreich liest“ & in Projectspace 23.3.2006, Kunsthallewien

2004-07 “SALON BEAUTY FREE” with Mara Mattuschka & Elizabeth Mcglynn, Salon, guests in the Studio & Video

2000-03 “BIG BABY” performance on tour with the: Sculpture animee,

 since 2000 cooperation with KONNEXWIEN – Dance for kids, Set design & requisite.

2000         founding „KLEYLEHOF“,& Expermental space in Burgenland
Events: ON BORDER NO BORDER together with Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf  & 4jahre kleylehof – mit GELATINE as guests 

“plan b” founded in 2000
Elke Krasny, theory & curator of international exhibitions in context of architecture &
urban enviroment  & Cynthia Schwertsik – LAST NAME & 10 more projects in public &
social space, in Various settings & festivals (SoHo – Ottakring, Vienna)

1995-98     multimediaperformance: "ZENTRIFUGE",with Jasmin Ladenhaufen, Klaus Filip, Michi Ferdiny, Red                 White, at knittingfactory N.Y.C., wien, kopenhagen, graz, st.petersburg, zürich

1992-97     "BIG WASCHING", Project in public space: Vienna, Frankfurt Hungarya, France

1987-99         Dance & theatere, - actrice & set designer for : BILDERWERFER, TANZ*HOTEL, Bettina Nisoli, Barbara Kraus, Hans-Peter Bergman

some artworks in possession of
Land Burgenland
    trimedia, Wien
    Institut für Tropenmedizin Stemberger, Wien
    Minoriten , Graz
private collections